Chapter 5: Silver weaver
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Vanessa ran through the trees as quietly and as swiftly as an deer fleeing a Dalish hunter. She needed to deal with this personally as this was important event, if this failed her mistress would furious with her but at least she would not kill her if she failed as Kalian liked her and none of the other blood eagles were in charge of this would have far worse things to deal with.

“I see you have finally arrived Vanessa as I have been here waiting for you” Vanessa saw, in amongst the trees was Kalian. “my queen, what are you doing here? I thought you would be waiting for me in the palace” the queen laughed slightly “I thought that my magic could help and after all this are last chance to get him before he vanishes forever”.

Vanessa looked down at the ground her feet between. “we have two black priests. The rest of the blood eagles are guarding the most noticeable way of escape and most of them are getting the host or lazing somewhere” the witch queen laughed “very good, I’ll stay out of sight until I have need to use my powers”

Vanessa nodded and bow “as you wish my queen” she walked as the witch queen blended into the foliage of the trees. She walked a little further through the trees. A peasant knelt by a pool of water she was praying to the Maker “Blessed are they who stand before the corrupt and the wicked and do not falter. Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just”

Vanessa smiled slightly remembering her life before she joined the blood eagles. “pray as much as you want, my dear. He will not answer you no matter how hard you pray” she continued praying to the Maker.

A black priest appeared before the women. Black priestess where wraiths from the darkest pits of the abyss from another world summoned by the witch queen to serve her in her darkest and most evil plans. His voice sounded from behind his hood “you girl, why are you praying?” she did not even look at the black priest.

His voice was cold and evil “if you have any information on what would happen will happen or our target” the girl did not look up “wait, I live in above the barkers and I have seen that elf, Alyan walking here every so often and he vanishing every time I have seen him. He was not always there but he was in slumber after a while” the black priest sighed.

This fact was known to the queen. After a failed assassination attempt with the assassins being Arthion and Alyan. Her minions chased them, almost killed Alyan after an arrow had hit him in the shoulder. The black priests in there full force of 50 members were almost on him when he vanished before them.

Overtime they saw him a sleep in the isolated in the forests of the dales. They only discovered what happened when a Dalish elf, who was now a member of the blood eagles, saw what happened to him. She was the one who told the witch queen about the dark god who left his body in a cave to rest.

The black priest pondered at what he had learned and what he already known about the plan. “your life is no longer what needed now you fall” he touched her and her body turned into a pool of blood.

The second black priest appeared apart of the trees, he seemed to smile but you could never tell with black priests what emotions they showed unless you removed their hoods. If you got closer enough to see what is in those black hoods. Death would surely follow them as they hated having anyone look at their faces well anyone save their mistress and her servants.

Vanessa glared at them both “you two should have not have used your powers. I told you both when we left the unholy temple, not use your powers until the dark god appears” the black priests both looked at her, “Vanessa we are only having a little light entertainment before the main event. We do not however feel any remorse for the girl do you?”

She glared at them, a fire shined in her cold eyes as fury was a rose with the comments of the black priests. “just get out of sight until the dark gods or else I will report to you to the queen.”

The black priests walked off and blended into the trees so that they could not be seen by the dark god when he appears. One of them bumped into her as she passed “there is no need to be rude” she was about to hit it when it blended fully into the trees around her.

She hid herself as she sensed that something was during near her. She watched as she from the well a pair of hands grading hold of the sides of well and pulling himself up and out of well. Vanessa believed that she could feel his might from where she was hiding especially since she knew what he was capable of since they had found a being from another world who told though it was under torture when he told them this.

He looked around, a cold smile. Vanessa who was hidden by her powers was frightened by what she was about what she was about to do to this dark god. “it appears that my wood elf was awakened and wondered of somewhere I better go and find him” he stopped “come out where I can see you. I sense your presence”

The black priests jumped out of their hiding places and stood before the dark god. They raised there hands and tried to cast a spell to weaken him but it did not do anything “ha you fools I am Nor, dark god of the night and black magic” they still continued casting spell making sure that it weakened him.

Kalian appeared behind him as she did the black priests stopped casting the spell at Nor “why have you...” Kalian smiled coldly “after all this time we finally meet. My powers over magic are strong enough to capture you so prepare for the end of your existence”

Nor looked around him to see until a bolt of lightning short from the heavens and hit him squirrely, he felt his body freezing up as he was put into a deep sleep so that he would not escape the queen.

He collapsed to the ground in a ball. The witch queen stood over him. She smiled a cold smile “at last I shall be the god and then I shall bind him into the body of the mortal so that he will never be able to escape especially when you cannot use your powers” she laughed evilly as Vanessa came out of her hiding place.

Vanessa walked over to her “is he under your power, my queen?” she shook head “no he is only a sleep I need the host and then I will use the potion to make sure that he stays inside the host not matter what happens especially when the potion stops him from using his black magical powers”

She nodded “I need the hind’s blood from Aziza so that I can kill him so that my plan will succeed. I want you to get this for me Vanessa” she bowed respectfully at Kalian.

A twig snapped as Rachel walked through the trees towards them for she had news for her queen which would hopefully please her for if she was not pleased with her she would meet her end.

She bowed to the queen noticing the dark god lying curled up in the dirt “my queen” she whispered “we have a suitable host for you my queen, no magic in her blood at all and she should be to your liking”

Kalian knelt preparing to fly off “very well my service, you have my thanks Rachel. Take him to Shadow Daine and bring the suitable host to the Black Cliff palace” Rachel grinned as praise from the witch queen was rare to be given to be given to them for a favourite blood eagles which the first two she made, Vanessa and Vanlanthiriel.

Vanlanthiriel was one of the first of the blood eagles. She was once a Dalish elf who lived with her mother and her younger sister, Saphira. During the 15th year of the queens rain, the queen who had only Vanessa as her only blood eagle back then. The queen had the idea of forming the blood eagles instead of using the black priest as they were troublesome and unruly.

She lead an attack on the Dalish came to take her and her sister so that she would have more members in her small group but the Sabrae, the Dalish elf clan that they both lived in. They managed to escape the Dales but only Saphira managed to leave the dales with her clan but Vanlanthiriel and her mother did not escape the queens on slaughter. The queen used her magic to change Vanlanthiriel into the most powerful of her blood eagles but when she tried to use her powers on her mother it caused her to burst into emerald flame and resulted in her demise.

After a while Vanlanthiriel served the witch queen and Vanessa in there evilest of plans and was more feared in the dales than the Vanessa and the rest blood eagles combined some feared her more than the witch queen herself until the 18th year of her rain when one night she vanished from the queen’s castle of Shadow Daine from that night to this she had not been seen since then although the witch queen send out many of her minions to find her as she missed her greatly because for a time she was her body guard and closest friend.

As the witch queen flew to black cliff palace to see the host her minions had brought for her to use in her plan. Vanessa stood with Rachel the black priests had deported back the unholy temple that they called home.

They had to take the dark god to Shadow Daine before he awakened. The spell may have made him sleep and weakened him slightly but he was powerful enough to kill them and escape before the witch queen could imprison him inside the hosts body without the use of his powers. Vanessa’s eyes were still fixed on the body of the dark god.

She looked at his face, “how is someone like this has that much power but can be imprisoned in the form of an other?” asked Rachel to Vanessa. In way thought Vanessa that this man is handsome “their are rituals that can do that to the gods, are queen knows the ritual that she needs to make herself a dark goddess of evil but the potion which imprisons the dark god in a mortal body is only known by one person , Aziza. I cannot say much more than that to you at this point.”

Vanessa conjured up a stretcher and with the help of Rachel they put the dark god on it. She also summoned some more blood eagles to protect them for there were many dangers on the road to Shadow Daine. They step up the long dangerous to Shadow Daine thinking all the while would happen if the dark god arose from his spell.

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