Epilogue Part 1: The sightless queen
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The light was turned from white to blue as pasted through the glass, warming the face of the woman who stood before window. It had been a few months since the death of Kalian with events following being both joyful and mysterious. The death of the queen meant that many of her most monstrous servants have fled or taking to occupy the more dangerous buildings that have been used by the time to have been called by all the witch age since that seemed to fit in perfectly with events of past years.

Soon after Kalian’s apparent death a group of Dalish elves ventured deep into Shadow Daine and the small house that Arthur had been living in. Shadow Daine was haunted by the sprits of the faithful minions to the queen who gave a warning that they would stay in Shadow Daine until the queen returned and that they would slay any that would entered Shadow Daine. Arthur ran soon after the queen’s death fleeing deep into the mountains and had never been seen again by anyone in the Dales.

She looked out of window with a sad smile “do you think this all wise? Me becoming queen and restoring the royal castle for me to live in.”

Vanlanthiriel was relaxing upon a bed while her friend looked out of the window “my dear listen to me, the spell I cast upon you did not hurt and you are the rightful heir to the throne of the Dales even though you were born out of wedlock, you are Arthur’s only child. I believe that you’ll bring peace and wealth to the dales much more than I and the other blood eagles ever could.

She sighed slightly at her “I know, I wish it was not so but I fear the humans in other realms shall come and take us other for their fear of the Dalish and magic. I wish that ... I was never told that I was child of a mad king who married the woman who led me into near exile for my gift of foresight.”

Vanlanthiriel arose to and embraced Laurina who was shaking with some nerves “listen if I was queen I would cause of a stir as me being a mage and a former servant of the witch queen ruling other the people shall stir discontent in the masses, that may led them to come after me and slay me either by mobs or Templers I will be slain or forced to flea.”

Laurina nodded in agreement with her statement, though she herself was queen, she had made a very risky decision to make both her and Vanessa members in her court. Vanessa keeping her position as head of the blood eagles and Vanlanthiriel being not only her adviser such as Vanessa was but in charge of non blood eagle military actions

With eager feet they left for they had for they had business to deal with all three of them about a matter which has recently arose.

As Laurina sat down upon her throne of silver and sapphire blue with Vanessa and Vanlanthiriel standing either side of the throne. She looked down into the courtyard to see Arthion standing there waiting for them. “I am glad you have come at my summons, Arthion as I feared that the rumours of plans that you have maybe true” she told him.

Arthion looked away for a moment afraid to answer when he heard some giggles from behind him “who’s there and who is foolish enough to attack he who slew the murderous queen Kalian” for moment silence. He knew that the queen was waiting for an answer from but he feared that who ever was behind him may wish him harm or to attempt to assassinate the new queen for the memory of Kalian and the dark times that her reign brought.

Footsteps as something or someone approached from behind with words of greetings for him “greetings Arthion it has been some time since I have seen you.”

He spun on his heel to fix his eyes on face of maiden whom he had not seen in some time, Arthion smiled as he embraced his friend Aziza with all the friendship that he held for this witch.

Before Arthion could ask why she has been so long since they had seen Aziza since that night upon the death of the witch queen had fell upon. She answered his unasked question “to answer your question upon where I have been since I left that night in Shadow Daine after I had freed you from your imprisonment. I say this with great shame un to myself I have been on the island of Par Vollen with my family awaiting the news of Kalian’s death or victory. When I heard of your victory Arthion I did not hurry to return to my watery home just encase that death had not claimed her but it appears at has and as for the armour I am wearing it is part a gift from my sister and for my protection since travelling to the Dales at this time from Rivain is not as safe even I with my magic and with some combat training,” Arthion nodded seeing that maybe true for someone of Aziza’s power.

Laurina smiled to see her again “Aziza I have feared that you have left this world for I have not seen you” Aziza bowed to her “if you have business with me but I guess it is Arthion you wish to speak.” Aziza fell silent to allow the queen to speak with Arthion singularly without her voice to break it.

With a breath before speaking her gaze fixed upon the face of Arthion. “now Arthion, answer my question if these plans of yours are true, answer me” she snarled to him.

Arthion spoke to her with some bravery in his voice as he told the queen “what you have heard about these plans of mine?” he asked her with. He wondered wither that she knew of what had happened to led him to this cause of action.

For a moment there was no answer from the queen until she answered with some annoyance present in her words “I have only heard rumours about these plans of yours that rumours have said that you have a foolish idea that will end your death.”

He nodded before saying to her “yes it is true that I have plan that those believe that my plans are foolish.” Arthion watched her smile and giggle as she knew that she believed it but she was not sure why she needed to be told this. He looked at Vanessa as he continued telling them his plan.

“since the day of my last failed assassination on the queen I have been terrible dreams of my sister with the head of black priests order I sense that there something sinister is happening to her but before I see anymore I arise in a feverish sweat. This dream I have been seeing every night since then.”

The queen shock her head slightly “you want me to aid you with your plan by sending my forces to aid you in this” he nodded. Aziza looked at Arthion knowing that Arthion’s infamous rage may appear by the next words that queen would say to him “Arthion, I wish I could help you but I cannot not send my forces to aid you on your personal quest since I fear that the queen’s forces will oppose me so I ...”

Arthion looked at with a look of angry. He had been looking after the Dalish and been helping them in their plans of splitting the clan up after what happened with the queen. Aziza looked disappointed as she watched the queen and her advisors vanished inside the castle.

Arthion looked stunned by the words he had heard from the queen. He felt rage but he kept it hidden from the queen encase she sent her forces to imprison him.

Aziza looked at Arthion as he stormed past her. As she watched him enter the castle she laughed slightly “Arthion will not obey her, he cares for his sister and no matter what happens he will go after her.”

Arthion had walked inside a room that was only half finished for castle had been in ruins since the start of Arthur’s rule and since the demise of Kalian plans had been made to restore the royal castle to it’s former glory. The room he was in was supposed to be the armoury.

Eyes glanced over the few armour and weapons which had been placed inside. He was extended his hand towards a long bladed two battle axe when someone said from somewhere behind him, “she may brand you are traitor or imprison you if she knew that you go off into the wilds.”

He turned to see Vanessa standing there, her face was a picture of noble elegance. Arthion smiled slightly for he knew what Vanessa thought of this as she was only just started to forgive him for betraying her. Arthion’s eyes narrowed “if you have cometh here to stop me then your wasting your time my dear Vanessa”.

Vanessa graded hold of his waist and pulled him close to her “I have not I have come to warn you of...” she looked at the stone floor for a moment for she along with the other blood eagles were hiding a dark secret from the rest of the dales. Arthion looked at her “what’s wrong?” she looked up at him “oh, be careful of the head of the black priests. Even wounded he is powerful and not even I could defeat him.”

Arthion frowned “you fought him?” he asked, she nodded “yes, when the black priests first arrived in the Dales from where ever they came from for not even now where we are sure where they came. I was challenge along with Kalian and Vanlanthiriel by there leader. Defeat for me and Vanlanthiriel but near victory for the queen as she almost slit the throat of him also he wounded her. They made pact sealed in blood until the day of the queen’s ends they would work together. When the queen died I went in search of the black priests in the Dales only to find that they had fled.”

They removed from around each other waists until they were just holding their hands. Arthion gave a confident smile “I will find the head of the black priests, he shall be slain also I shall save my sister from is evil grasp. Then I shall return to the half of the Sabrae clan that will remain in the Dales” Vanessa returned the smile “I hope that your keeper can live long enough for your return as my magic cannot keep death away from him.”

Arthion realised her hands and hers his. He walked towards the door as Vanessa told him as he left “Arthion, if you betray my love again then you will wish that a beast had killed quicker than I will” he gasped slightly with some fear. He hoped that he would not have to find out what she’ll do to him.

Vanessa also added to her speech earlier “I wish you look my Dalish hunter, my hunt bring you the death of your prey” Arthion smiled and left Vanessa alone in the armoury.

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