Chapter 10: The summoning of night
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Unknown to them Vanessa had her own plans to stop the queen. She did not know what Arthion was planning along with Geraldine and also that he was planning to kill his old lover. The abandoned house had belonged to one of the blood eagles who now lived at the barracks. As it was daylight the queen was sleeping meaning that she could do this without the queen knowing what she was doing.

She stood before the dark pedestal which lay a book of black magic and dark secrets that was given to her as a birthday present by Kalian last year. She turned the pages to find the spell of summoning.

When she found it she hugged herself with to comfort herself as who she was going to summon may kill her by trying to do that. “with love for your my darling Dalish hero. I risk this for you, my love although I have not had word from you in a while I know that you still love me. If I die then know that I died for you my love, my Arthion” a sigh escaped her lips, her mind up with the decision that she would try and summon who she intended to help her stop the queen.

She raised her hand and started to chant what was on the pages “with light, shadow and magic of night. By the powers of my soul I summon you upon my mortal life to speak with me, I summon you here Nari, goddess of night, wife of Nor and goddess of the darkest magic” she felt the power surge out of her as she started to summon her from her realm in the heavens. The queen had made it impossible for her or any of her husband’s fighting force from finding by magic or coming to the dales to look for him unless they were summoned by the queen herself or one of the blood eagles.

For all intent and purposes she did not know what will happen to her husband now that queen had Nor imprisoned in Shadow Daine. Awaiting night where he would taken else ware by her along with some of the more powerful blood eagles so that nothing would happen to him inside his host form until the time was right.

Her mind was on her love Arthion, as she summoned the dark goddess. She had been in love with him since she became a blood eagle and for longer that but through the events to the queen’s rain their love for each other grow and apart from Geraldine and Vanlanthiriel where the only one who knew as the queen would slay them both if she found it that her most powerful enemy was in love with one of her minions.

The spell was complete when Vanessa heard a sound behind her. She could sense that her spell had worked and to her relief that the effort had not claimed her life by summoning the goddess of the night.

Nari looked around the abandoned house before fixing on the back of Vanessa's head “to what have I a human to summon me here in these dales of the light, speak thus so I may decide I what I should do to you for summoning in such a fashion human.”

With a cold look in her eyes Vanessa turned to fix her cold on the goddess “I know who you are and the way you speak tells me that the queen has managed to keep what happened from the eyes of immortals for a time so tell me what has been so well hidden from us”

A small breath before speaking to her companion “the plan of my queen was once mine until love closed on my heart. She wants his power bound in his blood so that immortally may touch her lips. I myself hoped that me and my love could stop but alas she is to strong for me to slay” Vanessa felt a cold shiver go down her spine as Nari thought on what needed to be said to her next.

With tired rage in her voice, the goddess spoke to her once more “regret shall not save my lord husband from her grasp. Does she have the poison to slay him?” a nod from Vanessa was the only answer. Anger was now in that of her red eyes and that of her own voice as she enraged with this mortal for summoning and not stopping the queen soon.

“what a most fowl news, I see in your mind mortal. The poison will arrive with a friend of yours soon but a warning of the pain that will hit your heart soon. Betrayal of he that you love so.”

Vanessa blinked in disbelieve with that end of words spoken from the goddess. “you lie oh dark goddess Arthion would never betray me for another” she swiped at her eyes to stop herself from crying. Thoughts treacherously wormed their way into her, she had not seen him recently as she had waited for him to come and see her but he had not come to her.

“I guess that you wish to help, then come with me as I need to make you look like a blood eagle or else the queen would have sensed what I have done.”

A cold laugh from her companion was the only sound for a moment until she spoke to her “a guess will served... My intention is done for what it will be. To follow you for now oh mortal I shall but if this be a trap for me and my husband then death shall be a part of your punishment” with a smile she took of into the air and with Vanessa following her soon after to a destiny that should come soon.

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